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Brazilian Cheese Rolls
15 Cheese Rolls


Fully Cooked and Ready-to-eat

Our Brazilian cheese rolls are baked to have a light, crispy outer layer with a scrumptious cheese filling. Great for an appetizer or a savory snack. Have one or three!

Diverse Foods With Shared Origins

A Tradition throughout Latin America, our flavourful empanadas como to you with a taste of Brazil, where my Nona inspired my love of cooking.

Eazy to recognaize ingredients

Filled with farm fresh ingredients, our authentic empanadas are baked with quality, wholesome ingredients making them a delicious, healthy and convinient choice for snacking, appetizers or a quick meal.

Made with recyclable Materials
Not individually wrapped

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easy to cook

Heating Instructions

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Preheat oven 400F

Frozen empanadas bake for 13 to 15 min

Defrosted empanadas bake for 6 to 8 min


Frozen empanadas 30 seconds

Defrosted empanadas 30 seconds